We are a company specialized in officiating symbolic weddings.


Your wedding day is a unique and unrepeatable event celebrated with loved ones. We love creating unforgettable moments and experiences, both for the bride and groom and for ourselves. That is why our treatment is personalized and intimate. We have a group of professional officiants who specialise in this field, they will guide and care for you with detailed attention from the arrival of the groom to the end of the ceremony.

We live in Malaga, a cosmopolitan and very touristic city, a beautiful place to live and also to be married, therefore we officiate ceremonies in Spanish, English, French, German and Italian.

We do not put borders on love, we officiate ceremonies wherever required and in any environment.

About us

At Angel Oficiantes de Bodas we love what we do, what began as a casual and unusual experience, ended up becoming a wonderful and increasingly abundant job. When we began our journey more than a decade ago, almost no one knew the term symbolic ceremony, nor did they know that there were options other than the church or the registry office. This type of ceremony can be officated in a beautiful garden, on the beach or under a centenary tree. Before we only saw these type of ceremonies in the movies, little by little this has become a reality in the wedding sector in Spain.

With more than a decade of experience in the profession of symbolic weddings, we offer a personalized and intimate service, based on a wide knowledge of the ceremonial protocol. We create moments that facilitate the comfort for the couple on their wedding day, and thus they can enjoy the experience.

The members of our team are professional officiants with experience in this field, and love for their work. We have officiants for ceremonies in Spanish, English, French, German and Italian with absolute command of the language, since it is their native language.



Mercedes es la persona encargada de dar vida a este proyecto.

Además de oficiar, lleva la dirección de esta empresa y la parte creativa. Materializa la ceremonia soñada por los novios, los guía y asesora en todo lo que conlleva la preparación de este momento y siempre le gusta añadir un toque mágico.


"Sigo emocionándome con cada entrada de la novia, aunque lleve mas de diez años viéndolas aparecer desde la mesa de ceremonia. Vivo cada momento con mucha ilusión y respeto por la pareja que tengo frente a mí y trato de que ellos también puedan hacerlo, rompiendo el hielo con algún comentario desenfadado, si la situación lo requiere y haciéndolos sentir que están arropados no solo por mi, sino por todos y cada uno de los que están trabajando en su boda."

Mercedes Angel

Director, Creative and Officiant.


Nacho oficia ceremonias en español.

Está con nosotros desde el principio. Es un oficiante con mucha experiencia y muy creativo. Aporta formalidad a la ceremonia sin perder la frescura que le caracteriza. Nacho es afable y servicial con los novios, su entrega y carisma hacen que la ceremonia sea cercana y emocionante, tanto para los novios como para los invitados.


"Me siento afortunado por vivir con los novios ese momento de nervios e ilusión en el que se unen. Ver una declaración de amor tan intensa rodeados de sus seres queridos me hacen creer en el amor y en que todo lo puede. Depositan en mí una confianza a la que trato de responder con ilusión y cariño."

Nacho Fortes



Violeta oficia bodas en español.

Se unió a nosotros en este empresa desde el primer momento. Es una persona llena de luz, que consigue transmitir paz y sosiego, en un momento donde los nervios están a flor de piel. Su dulzura y amabilidad consiguen que la ceremonia sea ese momento idílico que los novios habían imaginado.


"Estar y compartir un momento de encuentro como es el enlace matrimonial, es para mí un honor. Poder acompañar a dos seres que se comprometen y unen de por vida, es muy emocionante. El amor es la fuerza mayor que mueve el mundo, y el compromiso de los seres humanos ante sus familiares y amigos, en un gran acto de amor y valentía."

Violeta Lara




Lara, officiates the ceremonies in English.

She has been with us almost since the beginnings due to the high demand for ceremonies in English. She has experience in the organization of weddings and therefore it does not fail her to review any of the external elements that are part of this moment. Lara is approachable and understanding with the bride and groom, she conducts the ceremony with wisdom, romance and sparkle.


"I consider it an honor to unite two hearts, two lives and two families through the union of love. I am privileged to witness and affirm the tender words of pledged vows and the beginning of this wonderful journey together, united by marriage."

Lara Main



Aurélie officie les cérémonies en français.

Elle est l'une des plus récentes recrues de notre équipe, apportant une extraordinaire convivialité et une maîtrise de la traduction de textes en français. Elle est dévouée à son travail, attentive aux mariés et capable de résoudre rapidement les problèmes qu'ils lui sont posés.


"Pouvoir officier des mariages est un très beau moment qui nous permet de partager ce moment particulier dans la vie des mariés. J'aime la relation qui s'établit avec eux avant, pendant et après le mariage !"

Aurélie Papineau



Meike leitet die Zeremonien auf Deutsch.

Sie kam vor einigen Jahren zu unserem Team, um unsere sprachlichen Grenzen zu erweitern. Meike ist eine Traurednerin, die Entschlossenheit mit Spaß verbindet, was sie einzigartig macht. Sie ist ein sehr fantasievoller und künstlerischer Mensch, der es versteht, mit dem Moment zu verschmelzen, um ihm seine persönliche und pragmatische Note zu verleihen. Meike leitet die Zeremonien sehr natürlich und mit Leichtigkeit, sodass sich Braut und Bräutigam an ihrem großen Tag wohl und geborgen fühlen.

"Hochzeiten sind ein glücklicher Moment und ein einzigartiges und besonderes Fest im Leben eines Paares. Teil dieses Momentes zu sein, ist eine sehr bereichernde Erfahrung für mich. Das Teilhaben an der besonderen Atmosphäre dieses Augenblickes, und noch dazu die Illusion von Braut und Bräutigam zu spüren, die ihr Vertrauen in mich setzen, empfinde ich als etwas sehr Schönes und Gefühlvolles."

Meike Schönhütte



Claudio presenta le cerimonie in italiano.

Claudio è uno degli ultimi arrivi nel nostro team, tuttavia vanta un lungo curriculum da presentatore e maestro di cerimonie. È una persona energica e appassionata, dotato di spiccata presenza e personalità che gli consentono di avere sempre grande empatia con qualunque tipo di pubblico, e qualunque cosa accada, non perde mai la calma ed affronta sempre le cose con un sorriso. Tratta gli sposi con affetto ed empatia, catalizzando sempre l'attenzione di ogni ospite presente. Grazie alla sua larga esperienza e professionalità ogni cerimonia da lui celebrata si converte in un momento accattivante ed emozionante.

"Quando sono a una cerimonia mi sento parte della famiglia, mi sento fortunato ad essere lì in quel momento e a condurre un'unione tra due persone dall'amore. È qualcosa che mi piace dal cuore e dove metto tutti i miei sforzi, in modo che sia perfetto".

Claudio Esposito



The symbolic ceremonies are created by the couple without any institution, legal or religious, supporting it. These types of ceremonies are usually performed by complementing them with a civil ceremony, in town hall or registry office, or with the intervention of a councilor or notary within the same ceremony, so that it has legal validity. The great advantage of this type of ceremony is that they are designed by and for the bride and groom, with good advice.

For us, a ceremony has two aspects and therefore two ways of approaching it. On one hand, each ceremony is unique and special both for the bride and groom and for us, we empathize with each couple, giving them the respect and importance that they and their wedding day deserve. On the other hand we try to make a fresh, emotional, pleasant and dynamic ceremony introducing current and personal touches.

At Angel wedding officiants we elaborate the ceremonies tailored to each couple. We meet with them previously, we interview them and with that information, we elaborate a text that talks about them, their history as a couple and where their personality and the character of their wedding are reflected.


Some photos of our work.




It includes the elaboration of a personalized text and the office of the ceremony

Ceremony in Spanish.

Ceremony in English, French, German or Italian.

Bilingual ceremony

Since 300€ + VAT (21%)



Sound system with two speakers and their corresponding feet, two microphones, a mixing desk and a player.

Sound technician who is in charge of installing and dismantling it at the end of the ceremony.

170€ + VAT (21%)



*These prices are for Malaga or up to 50km away from the capital, if the wedding is further away, travel expenses are added.


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